Friday, September 7, 2012

Florida Garlic Test

I just placed a order for Ajo Rojo garlic, which is a creole type garlic. This type is supposed to grow in Florida and even the Caribbean, but smaller heads which I dont really mind. We shall see how this works! Just another experiment!!

If anyone else wishes to experiment: I ordered here

I will stick in the fridge right away when I receive the cloves, I will plant in well composted heavily mulched garden bed in partial shade. Here's hoping because I LOVE garlic! :)

From Gourmet Garlic Gardens website:
- Special Considerations for Central and South Florida -

The further South you go in Florida, the fewer kinds of garlic will have a chance to do well for you in any given year and even in North Florida, your choices are limited. North Floridians should be able to grow most of the things we can, most years, since we are at similar latitudes although ya'll will have a lower soil pH and more rain than we get - garlic loves rain but doesn't like standing water.

In South Florida, your best chances are Artichoke and Creole garlics and Marbled Purple Stripes like Metechi and Siberian. In theory, Asiatics and Turbans will do well there as well if you can find good planting stock. If you have sandy soil, you will need to add organic material to it so it will hold water a little longer, and maybe mulch to maintain soil moisture around 50%.

Artichokes were developed in southern Italy and other warm winter areas and are well acclimated to the conditions. Creoles, on the other hand, came in with the Spanish conquerers and even grow in the Caribbean, hence their Creole name; some of their names, Pescadero Red and Cuban Purple or Spanish Morado tell you that they have been grown in the Caribbean area.

Garlics need to be growing in anything that resembles a cool season because the heat of oncoming summer will force them to mature regardless of whatever size they have attained up to that point.

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  1. Great post. I've been wanting to plant garlic for ages. I think I'll order some too!