Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ever Changing

We are like the seasons, ever changing.

We test things and as they work or dont work we change to meet those needs, mother nature can work very well for you if you have a general idea of how she works.

Winter winds tend to come from the North West but always from the north, so plant your cold loving or tolerant plants on the side. Warm winds come from the South and many times the South East, so you need to plant you cold sensitive plants towards that area.

The sun rises in the east with a less powerful sun, and it slowly builds in strength as it travels over us, leading to harshest sun directly above us till before sunset.
Some plants do best in morning sun, some are ok with all day sun. Learn about your plants needs when you plant!

I have made many mistakes and that is how I learn. I think its the VERY best way as every person yard, patio, etc is different, faces different ways and lives in different regions. I have peach trees in the southern end of my garden that needs to dug carefully and moved, I recently moved garden beds that were in our southern corner to the northern side for plants like onions, lettuce, broccoli and other winter veggies! We are ever changing and that is best because if you fail at something over and over its time to reexamine your gardens and plants needs and be open to change!

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