Sunday, November 4, 2012


Canning is fun, you can invite friends or family over to have some help, turn on the water canner and preserve many fruits and veggies. Tomato salsa, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, hot sauce, jam, jellies, preserves. The list goes on and on, and it doesn't take that much time. It perfect for storing that extra food you grew. I have made 3 batches of roselle jam from my 5 plants outside with enough left over to hopefully can roselle flowers in syrup.

Today my mom and grandma came over and we made lemon wine jelly from her meyer lemons from her little patio tree. It was easy took about an hour and came out a beautiful light shade of yellow. We had fun drinking, talking, and snacking while we worked. I kept a jar but most went with my grandma for her to give as gifts. Its perfect!

I highly suggest for everyone to get a little cheap set up to water bath can, its so much fun and the end product turns into wonderful homemade gifts you can be proud of!


~ 2 rags (1 large on small)
~ canning funnel
~ glass jars
~ canning kit (magnetic lid lifter, jar holder, tongs, jar lifter)
~ large stockpot
~ canning rack to fit inside pot
~ Ball canning book (its yellow with jars and fruit on the front)~ this is full of recipes~ start with a basic jam on the first 10 pages

The total above set up will cost you about $60 to get started


  1. Hi there - where do you find canning equipment in the Tampa area? I've found it in Bartow but as I don't live there....

  2. Sweetbay, Publix, and Walmart have goods to get you going, thats where I get my jars, lids, etc. If not there is always Amazon!!