Thursday, November 29, 2012

Garden Life

I am what people would call an addict, I eat, drink, and sleep gardening. Farming dreams, and garden books keep me happy. I am constantly thinking about what seeds to plant, rain to water the ground, if there is no rain it means lugging out the hose, what temperatures it is, what i need to order, so i need to add more mulch, why haven't those seeds sprouted, ugh how do the chickens keeping getting into my garden, what was that bug i saw, WTF what ate that plant....

It seems never ending but it keeps me busy and focused on something that I think is worth my time. Currently we are working on a garden plan using our current garden beds plus new features like more fruit trees, tilapia pond, a fence border, banana circle, new larger chicken coop, and other misc goods.

This busy work keeps me happy and driving forward, the more I learn the more I want to incorporate, the sad thing is I am quickly running out of space. BUT this will do for now, and as I look forward to my debts being paid off within a year, and slowly rebuilding my credit, I also look forward to owning farm land and creating a truly magical space I can forever call home.

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