Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Crafty: White Christmas Wreath

After spending a ridiculous amount of time flipping through thousands of pins on pinterest I decided I really needed to start acting crafty instead of just drooling over the things others are doing so I decided to ring Christmas in a little early and make a White Christmas wreath that we will hang on the front door.

I started using a 50% off one item coupon at Michael's and got a basic wreath, they have foam ones but I found a wrapped straw one for even cheaper.

I then used old basic white wedding tulle and thickly wrapped the wreath so you couldn't see the straw through it. I had tulle the had light stains on them laying around so i used that and tucked the stained parts so they couldn't be seen (being thrifty here)

A quick trip to the dollar store got me a 9 ft silver tinsel garland and 6 greyish silver plastic Christmas bulbs. I wrapped the garland as evenly as possible around the tulle.

Then used Christmas hooks pushed into the straw wreath to hang the bulbs, leaving the very bottom open.

I found little snowflakes that have been in our family for a while so attached those in the middle of the wreath.

At the bottom you can attach anything you would like~ A star, a santa, a sign, a bow, anything! I did a silver bow on top of a small pillow with the words peace on it.

This project cost me a total of $6 to make, using things from around the house and dollar store finds.

I think the completed wreath turned out nice! :)

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