Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Its the day where the turkey is stuffed and put in the oven with care, and the gravy laid to sleep in a bed of mashed potatoes. Its Thanksgiving! The day of the year where family gathers around the table with love and gives thanks for the wonderful treasures that have been bestowed upon us!

Continuing with family traditions we wake up and make cinnamon rolls while we watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in our PJ's. Then as I tear up to all the sweet commercials and seeing Santa we stuff the bird and get it all ready. Then comes the dog show where my daughter tells me all the types of dogs she wants and I laugh at the poofy or dreaded dogs.

As I write this the turkey has just found itself rubbed with butter and herbs and stuffed with garlic, onions, and celery. The mashed potatoes were done yesterday and sitting waiting to be served this afternoon. The rest will be done later this morning.

Dinner shall be served at 3 a table lit with candles and set with love.

Today I give thanks for everyone and everything I have in my life. I am truly a lucky lady!


Herbed Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Asparagus with a Lemon Butter Sauce

Family are bringing pies and more veggie sides.

For our drinks we had pink fizzy which was 1 liter of sprite, 2 cans of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, and 1 bottle of white zinfandel wine!


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