Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pond Building

2 weeks ago a lovely group of people came to my house headed by the amazing Jungle Jay. They proceeded to dig and create a pond in the back corner of my lot.

A warm December morning started one of my favorite things. Our pond. Waking up early I drove up to my work the grab cardboard to create a path for a wheelbarrow to travel without sinking into the sandy ground. Ronnie went and gathered pallets to put along the chain link fence to ensure our dirt piles didn't spill into anyone elses yard. We met back at the house and my stomach was turning with excitement. I went outside and started picking up empty pots and other misc trash that somehow finds itself scattered around my yard. At 930 Jay arrived with his trailer of goodies. Shovels of all types, rakes, soil sifters, buckets of plants, and other goods.

A little before 10am people started arriving, cars pulling up along the sidewalks out front, exchanging cash and smiles. We headed to the back yard and started preparing.
I set up chairs for people to sit in and Jay started talking as others joined, sitting cross legged in his wheelbarrow turned lounge he talked about his past and present giving us insight into who he is as a person. Then he talked about ponds histories and peoples interactions with them. He talked about growing food, and eating fish. We all sat eagerly listening, some scribbling notes down in notebooks they brought. When he finished we cleared the way and quickly went over what type of shovels were good for what type of application. We moved the chairs back and the men grabbed shovels and went to work.

The banks of the pond were slowly built as sand soil was pushed up, I raked it out smooth and even. Jay directed people where to dig and how to angle their shovel.
The rest of us stood back and chatted about everything from beer to pond plants and back. I introduced people to the fine taste of pumpkin ales and watched as shovel after shovel plunged into the ground with such a force pulling away sand that had sat still for possibly thousands of years.

One gentlemen found the score of the day: a dog grave site. First pulling up a ripped tattered plastic garbage bag then finding bones as well as polished teeth. We passed around the canine tooth which looked like a well polished gem in aw of how something so unpleasant like a dog tooth could become quite beautiful.

We moved on as Jay put final touches on the digging part making perfect angels, and a smooth even shelf to attach the liner to. The pond liner which was a old billboard out of the waste stream was brought over and opened up. The guys spread it over the newly created hole and jay jumped in the middle, forming the liner to the sides and bottom of the soon to be pond. We joked of pond plants being good names for alcoholic drinks like hot cabamba.

We dragged the hose over and started filling her up but that would take a while. We all hugged, exchanged handshakes, or another form of congrats and some started going home. A couple hours later just Jay and my family were left. The pond was complete and he started pulling the dirt back onto the shelf. I thanked him with all my heart and was thrilled at the giant pond (I think its giant) that lay before me. The PERFECT addition to our property and gardens. I was thrilled, I AM thrilled.

I cannot wait to plant the fence line with goods like kiwi and passion fruit, then the banks with wonderful plants like bananas, papayas, sweet potatoes, pineapple, elderberry, and other goods that will grip the soil and keep it from falling into the pond as well as enjoy the heating and cooling properties of water. *Heat in the winter, Cool in the summer*

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