Sunday, January 20, 2013


Community should be the central focus of all humans, it is of animals; they travel in packs, set up community homes, take care of each others children, etc but somehow somewhere we have fallen out of that.

I aim to bring us back together I host events, help others to host events, try to band people together but we have fallen to far from it. I try and try but we base ourselves to a very computer oriented community which is good but what about old communities where dinner every night was together, where people could do a barn raising with people whom they barely knew but were all to willing to come help. We no longer have this, we are reserved, private, we like our home and what we know. Where are the times of the potlucks? game nights? helping each other out? gardening with others? I want that!

It seems getting together every once in a while is ok with people while I would like it to be more regular. We all need to stick together and help each other because with the power of people we can get amazing things done.

I will be setting up regular potlucks, game nights, just fun parties and I invite all others to do that same. There is no need for us to live so separate when we are not.

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