Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Newest Adventure: Rabbits

Ever since I went to a rabbit butchering class at a friends house I have wanted to embark on my own backyard rabbit meat production adventure. This idea was promptly shut down by my husband.... until recently.

I have somehow convinced the DH that rabbits were a good idea so now we begin our search. I purchased Storeys Guide to Raising Rabbits because I adore Storeys books ( I also purchased their guide to turkeys and ducks and already own their guide to raising chickens)and placed a hold on 3 other misc rabbit raising books from the library.

I currently have designed a wood with wire rabbit hutch but am looking into other options as well such a metal cages all in all I want them to have a nice happy home.

Our rabbits will be handled, loved, and let out to roam in the garden. They will get scraps just like our hens (plus they like veggies that my picky chickens wont touch) as well as commercial food and hay. There final purpose will be as food but I dont want them to know that. I want them to be happy healthy loved bunnies until the day comes.

I am looking at New Zealand type breeds as I read that they get 9-12 lbs when mature and are supposed to have the highest quality meat. I have been chatting with a kind lady in St. Pete you has some babies ready to go I just want to get my books and hutch finished first.

Here is a brochure I found on breeding bunnies. There is one part that cracks me up!

See the part that states: "when a buck serves a doe properly he usually falls over onto his side or back".... I mean really?
I imagine little rabbit voices in me head.. Buck: Uhh that was soooo good im sooo tired now Doe: Are you kidding me right now?

Ok that was just to good to pass, I about spit out my cider reading it :)

I will continue to post and update about this awesome new adventure!

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