Thursday, January 17, 2013

Planting Potatoes

So its time to plant those potatoes you cut and cured. What know?

~ Find your spot to plant, well drained rich soil is key. A little shade is ok but mostly sun.

~ Dig down and loosen soil at least a ft down

~ Dig out a shallow trench and mound the soil on either side

~ Lay your seed pieces in the trench about 8 inches apart with the "eye" facing up

~ Push one side of the mounded soil back over the potato

~ Water well and cover with a little straw

~ Once the potatoes peak out the surface push the other side of the mound on top on the potatoes and cover with a little more straw

~ Once the potatoes reach the surface and peak out again dump some compost on top (about 3-6 inches)~ creating a large mound

~ Let the plant grow and grow

*I hardly ever water my potatoes once they have reached the top of the mound unless we have been very dry*

Once you have a fully mounded potato you can plant all around the potatoes

cabbage, corn, and beans all help potatoes grow better and improve the flavor of your potatoes when grown together.

Tansy, nasturtium, coriander, and catnip planted nearby repel Colorado potato beetle.

Interplant potatoes with lettuce, scallions, radishes, and spinach. All of these crops mature fast and will be harvested long before the potatoes are ready to harvest.

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