Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Potatoes: Getting them ready

This is the month to plant regular potatoes here in zone 9 so after getting a call from our local feed store that the seed potatoes were in we headed down to pick some up.

The baskets were set up out front of the store with potatoes inside, what i look for when picking my seed potatoes are a single potato with many sprouted eyes. That way I get the most bang for my buck. They base the price on pounds, we pay 89 cents a pound. you can get a 1 pound potato but what if it just has one eye? Then you just paid 89 cents for one potato plant. I look for smaller potatoes that have 2/3 sprouted eyes. I ended up with 3 pounds of potatoes and at least 30 cut pieces so thats 30 plants.

I cut them into pieces (1 eye per piece) then leave them out in my living room to cure for a couple days, until their cuts have healed over and no longer wet. This helps prevent them from molding before growing.

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