Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rabbit Stacking Functions

How many functions can a 2ft by 8ft space hold?

Lets see.

~ Meat: New Zealands are known for producing 8-10 times their body weight in meat each year, they do this by having large litters of babies; 30 to 40 young each year. That is approximately 70 to 95 lbs. of dressed, edible meat.

~ Blood Meal: Making your own blood meal is easy, during the processing catch all the blood in a bucket and spread out onto a large pan (think industrial size cookie sheets), dry and scrape into a dry sealable container (you can blend it down in a food processor as well), I have also read about just digging a trench along a row of plants adding the blood in then filling the trench back up

~Bone Meal: Take and spread out your bones on a pan, let dry for a week or until brittle and easily crushed, pound into tiny pieces by hand or throw into food processor

~ Instant Garden Fertilizer: Rabbit poop is cold and does not burn plants like all other manure does, scoop up and sprinkle around the base of your flowers, veggies, or trees. It has approximate values of 3.7% nitrogen, 1.3% phosphorus, 3.5% potassium, and also contains many trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper and cobalt to name a few.

~ Raising Worms: Create a 12 inch high wood raised bed, right underneath your rabbits, line the bottom with cardboard then add 4 inches of bedding (straw, hay, ripped cardboard, shredded leaves, shredded paper, or peat moss), on top of that let the rabbits build up at least 2 inches of poop, mix together and WET, then mix and wet every couple days until it STOPS producing heat, add worms, continue to add bedding material and wet as it gets dry, mix up a couple times a month to spread out pee piles (they dont like the pee so you dont want patches of just pee)

~ Tanning the Hides: We plan to learn to tan hides and turn them into really cool home goods Websites to check out: Mother Earth News Tan a Hide , Tanning with egg yolks

~ Using the Hutch Roof: Why waste a space? I have a 2ft x 8 ft metal roof which should heat up, perfect for starting seeds on, the top is lined with trays and the reinforcements on the roof will def hold the little weight that seed trays have, when it rains the trays will catch the water vs. just letting it all run off onto the ground

~ Extra Income: Either selling rabbit babies (Normally $10-$15 a rabbit) or worms from your bin ($14.99- $19.99 a pound)

This is 8 functions from one very small space!

*You could also use the worms to feed tilapia if you raise them but it is more productive to sell the extra worms for cash, You can also feed rabbit droppings to fish but this can cause problems and I prefer not to east fish that have been feed poop their whole life (but thats just my preference)**


  1. Amazing post! Your rabbit hutch turned out really well. You should post about tanning when you start doing that. I know a woman that makes garments and costumes. She occasionally uses rabbit hide and was expressing a desire to learn to make her own.

  2. Thank you so much. I will absolutely be posting about tanning when I get to that point :) We should use all resources we have available to us!

  3. Very nice! The only thing I am worried about is summer heat.

    1. The heat with what aspect? Or rabbits in general?