Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rabbit Weigh In: 12 weeks

While we are are not planning on eating these breeder rabbits I am very interested in their weight gain, food conversion, etc.

Its all about learning and research. The New Zealands were born 10-29-12 so they are a little over 11 weeks(thats almost 3 months old). While I could not weigh them before we got them I am going to document the growing process from this point forward. Now I do have to say it is at this age the meat rabbits will be... well meat but I am curious at why we do it so young they say the growing slows; We shall see.

So our current weigh in:

Blaze (New Zealand Buck):
4.68 pounds

Foo Foo (New Zealand Doe):
4.36 pounds

This equals our to be about 1.5 pounds per month. Once I have babies I'll see how rapidly or slowly that weight is actually gained.

Tifa the havana did not get weighed as she is not a special meat breed(though they say havanas dress out well for a small rabbit breed). The Havana/New Zealand crosses we will use for meat are mostly for a nicer pelt.

By the way a rabbit sitting in a bucket on a scale is a very funny sight, but they were so well behaved! :)

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