Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Project: Building a Rabbit Hutch

I say weekend project though we did not build or complete this during the weekend.
I simply call is that because you could easily build this in a weekend if you have all your tools, lumber, etc on hand. We built this over a stretch of 5 days working an hour or more a day depending on what else we had going on (work, family, teaching class, etc).

I started with a basic plan in my poor drawing skills (to call it poor may still be an overstatement) which consisted of a series of lines with measurements scribbled next to them. I wanted a relatively small footprint so it ended up being 2ft wide by 8 ft long with 3 rooms each measuring 24inx32in. After talking to a rabbit lover group they seem to mostly keep their rabbits in a 24x24 cage so mine is a little larger which I think will be nice for them. We used 2x4 pieces of wood for the bottom frame, and side braces. 2x2 pieces were used for the roof, doors, and extra braces. 1/2in galvanized metal hardware cloth (i guess is what it would be called) is the floor, the back is simple plywood secured to the braces, and the sides and door frames are covered in 1x2in 14 gauge wire which is what the local feed store told me they use to build all their hutches.

The hubby and I decided this would make a great family project and it was, we built the hutch together with Brooke helping with little things like bringing us screws, finding a certain tool, and keeping us smiling while we worked.

As we worked we realized some things didn't work the way i had planned so there were minor switches but my basic draw up really helped figure out what we were doing and how to get to the end result.

**Project was done with all hand tools and the only power tool was the drill, if you use all power tools you will go much quicker (all the cuts take time with a old hand saw)**

Attaching the roof pieces together

Cutting the wood down to size

Ronnie screwing the frame pieces together.

The frame was finished and checked for sturdiness, it passed with flying colors!

Brooke was a huge help!

At this point the hutch was almost done just needing the additonal braces in front and back and doors

Here it is with just 2 small pieces of wire missing

The totally finished product, in its new home and ready for install of food and water holders.. oh and rabbits!!!!


  1. Looks great! I'm planning on building a chicken coop in the next couple of weeks. I hope it turns out as nice as your rabbit hutch. I've never built anything like this before, so we'll see. I'm going to post about on my blog, as soon as it is done.

  2. Hey thanks for coming by! Yup we will be building a single hutch for the weaned babies and a chicken coop within the next couple months. :) This was our first to and it turned out awesome and have encouraged us to do more projects. Just go in with a plan!!!

  3. Looks great, have also built rabbit hutches in the past. I like your design and plan to incorporate it into my chicken coop I plan to build this year. I am looking to build a run similar to your hutch with the housing part on top, though only about 1/2 the length.

  4. OoOOOOo I Love it! And I think I can do it!!! Thank you!!

  5. what is holding the rabbits cages up.(Your stand)

    1. We took the top off a metal table and used its legs, the sturdy metal is still holding strong :)

  6. Have you picked up the trash yet?