Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome Rabbits

We have welcomed 3 rabbits onto our little urban farm. They happily lounge in their hutch, play with paper towel rolls, or roam the house.

For our pedigree Havana Doe we traveled almost to Brandon. A wonderful breeder family gave us some insight on raising rabbits, and let us see some other breeds they raise like the mini rex whose fur is amazingly soft. We held our little doe while we received her paperwork and drove her the 45 minutes home with her riding in Ronnie's lap. After peeing on both of us, Ronnie claimed her as his and named her Tifa.

Folks lets welcome Tifa!

Next we met a friendly girl off craigslist selling New Zealands. New Zealands are the most typical meat rabbit you find being raised since they have excellent food to meat conversion rates and dress out very well. We picked up a Doe and a Buck. They got to ride home in a large wooden basket lined with hay.
Brooke decided she would name both of these bunnies so now we welcome Blaze (the buck) and Foo Foo (the doe)... and yes thats little bunny foo foo! :)

Here is Blaze!

Here is Foo Foo!

These are our breeders. They will live a happy life here at Sunny Spot Gardens. Get lots of treats from the garden, good food, play time, be cuddled A LOT, and have lots of "other bunny time" once old enough. We will create another large single hutch where they will spend about 3 weeks after being weaned (which will be at 6 weeks) until its time for processing. These meat bunnies will not be named or cuddled daily but they will still have a good happy short life.

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