Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rabbit weigh in: 16 weeks

Foo Foo is looking good and getting big!
Her current weigh in is: 5.75 lbs
This means since her last weigh in about a month ago when she weighed in at 4.36 pounds she has gained 1.39 pounds. That is a little over a quarter pound a week. This is a slight decrease of her previous weight gain of about 1.5 pounds a month but still VERY close.

Blaze has shed out his white and now sports a black nose and ears. He is the sweetest of the bunch not minding being held, squeezed, or chased around.
His current weigh in is: 6.08 lbs

The rabbits get 1 cup of food a day every morning, plus timothy hay 3-4 times a week, and treats from the garden, they seem to LOVE broccoli! They are also both shedding like crazy!

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