Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Those darn chickens

My yard looks like hell and let me tell you why. 5 little chickens got out for the day and let me tell you they love to scratch in the dirt, and when i say scratch in the dirt i mean dig holes. They dig little holes about 6 inches deep or more all through my walkways, and garden beds. So yes my yard now looks like a dog was there who lost its bone. UGH

First and foremost we are making the chicken area smaller and more secure until we can get their new coop and run built which will be within the next couple months. After they are secure and are no longer escaping we will smooth out the ground and fix up the gardens for spring planting. *sigh*

Darn Chickens....


  1. We have 6 chickens that free range in most of the back yard. We built a low fence, but 3 go through and 1 goes onto and over the fence because the grass really IS greener on the other side. (We call this "chicken overboard".)

    Our chickens also dig holes, but not so deep. They have virtually killed the bermuda grass lawn, which is supposed to be impossible. We had to put rocks and old fence posts around the base of the wood fences so they wouldn't dig under. Now they are jumping up and eating the buds from our peach tree.

    I want to enlarge their run! It is currently big enough for them to spend 1 day in, but not large enough for them to be inside all the time.

    I feel your pain.

    Crazy birds!

    1. How big is your run? my current space in like 20x20 to much space for those darn birds to find a new escape route. We are down sizing to a like a 12x12