Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

While you know we are always changing around here as we see fit one thing hasn't changed. Our income status. We live paycheck to paycheck like many other families out there just barely meeting our minimum. But this last month my husband got a new job. He is now the Doorman/Security Guard at the Harbor House Condos on Bayshore Blvd. This brings us from him working 14 hours a week to about 40 hours a week! What a help this will be!

Yes this means our daughter will have to be in after school care but only from 3-6pm 3 days a week. Unfortunately though I now have to work Saturdays at my job which means yet again we have no time together but hopefully with this extra income we can be more comfortable and start saving for a farm of our own. Woooo!

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