Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It was chilly around here these past couple days, the type of wet damp clingy cold that only Florida can produce. It seeps past your clothes, through your skin and chills right to the bone. Northerners don't think it gets cold here but waking up in the morning to temperatures in the 30's this past weekend and even the minor promise of snow may be enough to change their minds. It is the wonderful Florida 3 day winter were we all complain that we are to cold only to turn around the next week (when its back in the 80's) and complain we are to hot. Ah yes, home sweet home.

Kept out of the garden by the cold weather and lack of proper winter clothing, I happen to think 30's calls for a down jacket and long underwear, we cleaned. The start of spring cleaning, that deep down nitty gritty type cleaning where you yank everything out of your closet only to reorganize it and put it all back. It felt good to get things in order, lots of stuff found its way to the trash, yet another pile was created to list on freecycle, other stuff found itself where is should have been all along; organized. Then can the sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, moving, shoving, sliding, and of course the ohhhhh thats where that was.

15 loads of laundry later we have a full dresser, a clean and sorted closet, and more clothes then I think we really need, I swear I wash clothes 3 times before I see anybody actually wear it. I even cleaned under the bed and that was scary, but after the fear of attacking dust bunnies past I was surprised at what I found under there.... Diapers? But she has been out of diapers for over 2 years... yikes! Guess this means I need to clean under the bed more often. I feel better now that the bedroom, kitchen. and living room have been totally cleaned. Now we are working on the bathroom, laundry room, dining room, and the daughters room, but Brooke's room is a whole other scary situation and I hate to think what lurks under her bed. If I'm not out in 2 hours send in a search team,  just look for the empty bottles of cider and the crazed woman wearing diapers on her head. :)

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