Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Birthday..

5 years ago this day right around this time I woke up with a pain unlike I have felt before, I got out of bed and waddled to the computer chair and sat down. 15 minutes later I felt it again, I called a lady I worked with who had a child a couple months ago I explained what I was feeling and she said congrats you are in labor. Completely freaked out but in a weird zone I started to clean to house and let Ronnie sleep until 10, at that point I woke him and told him I was in labor.

We called my midwife and she asked us to come in so she could check me out. As we sat in the office waiting room full of other pregnant woman I had another pain, the other ladies could tell I was in labor and got very excited as me all sorts of questions, my name was called and I disappeared into the rooms. She checked me out informed me I was indeed in labor and I could now go to the hospital. We left but I didnt want to spend my whole day in the hospital so I made Ronnie take me to get a smoothie (the thing I craved my entire pregnancy) and take me home. Pulling into the parking lot at our apartments I yelled out in pain and told him to take me to the hospital right now. He ran inside and grabbed our bags, car seat, and other baby items we were going to need turned the car around and drove me to the hospital, I sat in the seat calling my family and letting them know.

We got to the hospital and checked in, they made me ride upstairs in a wheelchair despite my protests of wanting to stand and walk. They gave me my room and let me get comfortable. I remember it was a large private room with a nice sized window that the sun was streaming in. Ronnie sat in the chair next to me holding my hand as family poured in, then the nurse came to give me my epidural at this point I was crying every time a contraction came and they kept telling me i needed to be still so they could insert the needle. The nurse wrapped her arms around me while i buried my head in her chest and sobbed. Once I was hooked up to my meds the pain was dull enough that when they told me to sleep I gladly did.

The next thing that happened is I woke up to "Ok its time to push" and then it hit me, the pain and throbbing every time I pushed. The vein in my forehead that felt as if it was going to pop, my mom and Ronnie holding my hands and legs and then the crying. The amazing creation that had just come from my body was being wrapped in a blanket and cleaned up. They set her in my arms all bundled and i remember feeling just amazement and disbelief. She was perfect in every way.

Watching her grow into the little girl of today has been an amazing adventure. Through all her firsts, through the first day of school, and now her starting to want to be more independent. I cannot believe that my little baby has turned 5.

My big 5 year old!

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