Thursday, April 4, 2013


As part of my goal to learn many new (well old) skills I have picked up archery. It is coming fairly naturally for me. I spent about a month researching bows, arrows, proper stance, etc. Reading website after website, watching youtube after youtube, just gathering as much info as I could on traditional archery. That's right I am going old school, no crossbows or compound bows for me, I wanted either the long bow or recurve.

I ended up with a starter recurve bow made by Bear. Its a 60 inch bow with a 35 pound draw weight and a 28 inch drawback. My perfect learning bow. I couldnt nor did I want to drop over $100 on a bow without knowing if I was going to like it and stick with it. So I coughed up my $60 for the bow, arrows, and hip quiver and waited for them to arrive. I was happy with what came. I nice sized green bow that seemed sturdy. I had no idea how to string it so youtube was pulled back up and i watched 3 videos before I finally found one who shows how to do it without a stringer (something i did not invest in). I got it strung after about 10 minutes of fighting with it and pulled back the string. My arms shook and I couldnt hold it for more then 5 seconds. I practiced pulling it back and holding it all night long.

This morning we went outside during a break in the storm and had a go. I set up my stance, pointed at the target, and drew back my arrow. Everything felt natural and in sync, my arm didnt shake, and I took a deep breathe, closing my eye to aim, I let the string loose and the arrow flew across the yard hitting my target at the top. I was so amazed I actually hit the target I could have done a dance. I felt invigorated, happy, and currently buzzing with adrenaline. I think I am in love but we will see how it goes. If in 6-8 months from now I am still this in love with it, and want to continue I may just invest in a better bow. In the meantime this is my baby, even my daughter loves it asking that when she gets bigger I could get her a bow like mine (Guess who is getting a bow with foam arrows for her birthday this year?). Ronnie has decided he wants a crossbow, which is fine for him but I like the feel and connection with mine!

And I am aware of the current love of bows because of a certain movie called The Hunger Games.
I assure you my love of bows started when I was in 5th grade and decided to pick Artemis as the goddess for my school project, then again when Lord of the Rings came out, then of course we have Brave with the red headed princess being an amazing shot, but I do in fact LOVE The Hunger Games, less the movie but way the books. I read all 3 within a week, so in honor of that I got myself a little something to maybe channel some Katniss...

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  1. Interesting... I always wondered about this sport when driving by our Archery Hall in the neighborhood. Have fun exploring & keep us posted! Cheers, Julie