Thursday, April 4, 2013

Creating a Business

For years I have dreamed of having my own business. When I was younger I started a lingerie online business but after not having the passion or desire for that field I just cut the strings on it. Since I started canning and creating jams I have considered selling them. Sometimes selling to family, friends, or online. I wanted to go bigger and start at farmers markets but that requires start up money, time, and energy that I just did not have. So for the past couple years it has just been a dream until recently. Ronnie got a job that was bringing in decent money which freed mine up a little more then it had ever been. I slowly started getting the things I would need in order to actually maybe sell my goods. I researched laws, scouted markets, and had long talks with my mom who as always encouraged me.

I started buying jars and creating recipes for my own original jams and jellies, I would lie awake at night creating kooky creations in my mind and writing them down. Then I purchased tags, and ribbon to label our jars for sale. I ordered my first basket of goods with the Sunny Spot Gardens logo and info on them. During one of my long talks with my mom we both bought a domain name for our businesses (yup she is starting too)! I just ordered a new batch of items with the Sunny Spot Gardens URL on it. Have learned the laws and now just need to figure out what else we need to start selling at the markets. I am so excited. We are going to offer so much to our customers. One of a kind awesome jams and jellies created in my head and in our laboratory (I mean kitchen)!

Life is Good!

Lets Welcome:
Sunny Spot Gardens
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  1. Wish you the best of luck! How very exciting

  2. Great news & good luck! What did you learn about the laws in Florida re home cooking & selling those goods? I too am dreaming of my own business, starting off @ farmer's markets, passing on my passion for breads & all things Vegan. Once we're moved this summer, I vowed to myself to get going as well... Please share your findings - it would be much appreciated!