Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby Bunnies!

The past 2 days we were on watch for baby bunnies, she was due officially today so today we checked on her every hour, as a first time momma I was worried but I think she has done swell!

This morning I took Brooke to school then went out to do my morning 6 shots with my bow. I laid the arrows on top of the bunny cage and check on the buns, Tifa (our pregnant doe) had a mouth full of hay just looking at me. I scrambled for a box that would serve as a nesting box for her and went to put it in her cage when she grumbled like a broody hen and bit me on the hand drawing blood. I told her i understood what she was going through and woke Ronnie up to help me. He held onto her while I installed the box, screwing it into the bottom as not to let it tip, and wishing we had found a real nest box by now. We set her back in with a box full of hay and I went to work. Ronnie kept me updated with bunny details until around 2pm while I was on the phone with an insurance company my cell rang and I saw it was him. I knew Tifa had her babies, I couldn't wait to get off the phone and call him back. He then texted me the confirmation and i did a little dance in the middle of the pharmacy!

Just getting home now I went out to check the bunnies all snug in a pile and so cute, I gave the momma a heaping amount of hay to treat her and gave her a nice pat. I love baby bunnies!

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