Friday, May 31, 2013


There is nothing more important then how you start you day. The whole morning process can make or break your day. Even though I am off work today I still must get up early to get my daughter ready for school and I HATE waking up early but deciding to make the most of my early rising I walked the garden and decided to make eggs.

Eggs were taken from the nest box as feed and water was refilled, bunching onions were cut, potatoes pulled form the ground, kale leaves gathered, and herbs snipped. Into the wok went come butter, potatoes, onions, and kale until tender, then some milk and the fresh eggs were added and cooked until firm and fluffy. The smell enveloped the kitchen and made me smile.

I loaded up the tray with fresh organic iced tea and our bowl off eggs and headed to the bedroom where my husband was still fast asleep (he works the night shift and doesn't get off till midnight). I woke him up with food and he was a happy camper. Now I get to spend the rest of my morning and afternoon doing whatever I want and I am in a damn good mood thanks to a yummy filling and healthy breakfast right from our garden!

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