Friday, May 10, 2013

Lake Park Archery Range

We heard about this park not to far from our house (10 miles) that had an archery range. So we struck out to find out about it. We drove down there paid our $2 car entrance to the park and drove to the range. There was no one there so we just parked the car and started looking around there was a basic line up of hay bale targets placed at different ranges. Brooke set up on the shortest range and I took up the middle range, prob 30-35 yards. Ronnie and I each shot 12 arrows before moving on to check out the rest of the area. We walked under the trees and found single lane ranges. Much preferring the shade under the trees we shot another round then walked around some more. The range was large including a broad-head shooting area far off from the other ranges I'm sure so no one would get accidentally hit by those lethal arrows.

We saw turtles and enjoyed the wonderful park. On our way out 2 boys were shooting on the range. It was nice to see other people enjoying the sport! :)

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