Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our New Coop

Our new coop was due to be delivered at what I thought was the WORST timing, during our big homesteading event. With around 100 people coming and going throughout the day I knew we would never be able to get it through the crowd and I was right. At 3:30 a large truck drove up with our coop attached, then men came and slid it off the truck, as we tried to figure how we were going to get it in we gave up and stashed it in the neighbors front yard until the event was almost over. As most people were out on the Wild Edibles walk we took the chance and lifted it. There was no way we were moving that thing just us two. We asked the 3 strongest to help us and we all grabbed a part of the coop, we got it to the gate where we realized it was never going to fit, so as we tried to lift it over the fence we fumbled and fell, and swore that if someone had filmed us it would have gone viral on youtube. We eventually did get it past the gate and through the jungle of tables and chairs, stopping at the point where we had to lift it over the blackberry canes. That was also funny watching us shimmy around trying to not drop the coop but less disastrous as over the fence. Finally it was in its resting place.
 We chased down the hens and moved them to their new humble home. While they seem to miss their old home which my husband has almost completely removed already they seem to be accommodating their new digs. We got them a new heavy duty waterier and feeder to go along with their home so they are all set up!
Here Thing 2 is making a nest to lay her egg!

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