Friday, May 3, 2013

Tilapia Day!

Today was the big day, Tilapia day! We had been putting it off and putting it off finally this morning I decided no more and we called the folks 10 minutes away and they stuck aside 10 baby tilapia for us (plus he snuck an extra one in for us).

As we pulled in we saw an older gentlemen sitting by the water and I couldnt blame him. We were greeted by the wonderful sound of a waterfall, the tropical landscaping, and the tall trees that cast a wonderful shade all over the property. He walked us around the property telling us all about how he got started to where he is now. They converted and old swimming pool to what was the now beautiful tilapia pond. What would have been a hot tub area was now a bio filter!

They are starting to use solar panels to cut down on their costs to run pumps 24 hours a day. These 3 small panels will provide him with 4 hours on a good day.
He has large water totes on the side that are spawning tanks while filtering and moving water (he even has included some aquaponic bins growing greens on top)
Here he is explaining how he created these pumps that wont allow the baby fish to be sucked through.
Not only is he raising tilapia but he has over 40 rabbit cages that he uses to breed New Zealand White rabbits for commercial people. Many had little babies that were so cute!
Here is our little bucket complete with 11 baby tilapia and some duckweed!

We talked for about an hour and he was SO friendly. He told me all about his setups how they work, what they have learned, how to keep our fish happy, raising his rabbits and breeding the compost  worms underneath the rabbit cages. We drove carefully home trying not to hit any bumps since we had a bucket of fish. Now we have 11 little baby tilapia swimming in our pond. Within a couple months they will be large and breeding! While our own little pond set up is dwarfed and sad looking compared to the set up they came from we hope to have a productive pond where we can harvest our own fresh fish from.

Are you inspired to create your own tilapia pond? Check out how we did it!

These folks are located in N. Tampa near Bearss and Nebraska, His name is Eric and hers is Jane their phone # is 813-310-4590.


  1. Thank you for the info! I have been wanting to start a tilapia pond for a while...not so sure I want to give up the pool quite yet though :) I think we may start digging this week.

    1. Of course! we have just a little hole in the ground pond and love it! <3 Best of luck to your future pond and fish!