Monday, June 3, 2013

A simple garden dinner

A month ago we picked 7 pounds of cabbage from our front yard. We still had 3 small heads left that were starting to go bad. Plus we had the potatoes we pulled up, and eggs from the chickens.

I cut up the potatoes which came to about 3 cups chopped red and white potatoes.
Cut up the cabbage which came to about 5 cups.
Scrambled 6 fresh laid eggs.
For the meat my husband grilled up some kielbasa.

I boiled the potatoes for 8 minutes until almost forkable
Scrambled the eggs
Grilled the kielbasa
and then threw the cabbage into a large wok over medium heat with 4 tablespoons of butter, I let that cook down for 2 minutes then adding the potatoes and eggs, that cooked for about 6 minutes, then I added the kielbasa and cooked for another couple minutes. A couple dashes of salt and pepper finish off this meal which is simple enough to allow all the flavors, textures, and yumminess of the food itself come out to play.

When you have good quality food you don't have to dump sauces, or other toppings on top because the food itself is so alive with its own delicious flavors.

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