Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sick Notice

Its a funny thing when you become sick, you crave nothing more then to cuddle on the couch and watch reruns of a show on tv, drink soup, and relax. That's great and exactly how I am feeling. I even came home early from work just because of how miserable I am feeling, and there is a high chance I wont go in on Monday... but do you know how didnt get my sick notice?

The animals that rely on me.

No their day started the same, they woke up to the muggy warm Florida sunshine, spent the day enjoying their shaded cages, then as the sun started to fade they started getting antsy...knowing that dinner was coming soon. Nothing changed for them, they had no idea the woman begrudging raising herself from the couch that now forms around her that brings their food was sick nor did they care.

They greeted me the same way the do everyday; Rabbits stretching up on the doors of their cages, noses twitching ready to be given dinner and the cuddling that was sure to come, the chickens clucking their dinner song and pacing the walls of their run... they were happy, they were content, and despite the swollen throat, pounding headache, and general exhausted feeling that I was currently feeling I smiled because this just felt right!

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