Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garden Plan

So here is my garden plan. We are named Sunny Spot Gardens due to the high level of sun we get here and NO shade; I thought it would be fun to take that to the next level ad design our garden based after the traditional child's drawing of a sun. The dark areas you see are the walkways leading off the main fire pit area.

The center sun will be the fire pit located almost in the middle of the yard, the spokes will lead to different areas as you can see... compost, chicken coop, rabbit area and garden, pond, and then 2 paths back to the porch and event area.

The event area will be left mulched and rugged with no garden beds to provide area for people to gather when we host events at our house.

The rabbit area is being renewed. Mulch will go in the pathway and next to the tarp cover for them we are going to install a rabbit run and a small garden where we will grow veggies for them.

The chicken coop is being moved slightly to be able to be accessed more easily, we will give them a new hay floor and add an extra feeder for them.

Along the back fence we will leave the current lilies in place because they are almost impossible to get rid of (I have tried 5 times over the past 3 years) and add moringa trees, and cassava to block out that back fence and their mean dogs as best we can.

The pond will have a mulch walkway along the length of it and a slightly larger area in the corner which we will put a bench in for relaxing on.

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