Sunday, July 7, 2013

Its just so darn hot

Ah summer in FL, its much like winter up North. You don't venture outside and when you do go outside you get back in the AC as quick as possible. This is the time when I stay inside reading and dreaming of gardens to come. This is exactly what I have been doing of late, staying inside and dreaming.

The issue with this is I am missing being in the garden, the dirt under my nails, watching the seeds pop up through the soil. So a week ago I walked outside... other then at sunset to feed the animals. I found that the weeds had consumed EVERYTHING and were about 2 ft tall. I got stressed how I could I let my gardens get so overtaken. *sigh* So my husband and I pitched together and bought a weed whacker. I normally work with my hands and that alone but this mess called for desperate measure.

Yesterday my wonderful hubby set out into the yard with one thing in mind, chop down those weeds. and that he did. We now have 2 inch weeds that can easily be managed and smothered. We will be laying boxes and new pathways ASAP before we get out of hand again. I will be drawing up a plan and posting it soon :)

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