Sunday, July 28, 2013

Maybe you shouldnt get chickens...

This story link above is a wonderful story of what you need to understand when entering a chicken contract (aka: buying chickens to raise)

You all know I am by far a huge supporter of people having a backyard flock but this is something that is not widely talked about and people forget this part of chicken raising until it comes about. We are approaching our first time with our oldest hen coming up on 3 years. She still is laying but we can see her slowing down... A LOT. Within the next year it will be her time to move on... *sigh* We love her!

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  1. So let her move on to the hen retirement home section. Chickens provide more than eggs. We have chickens and, as we see it, when they are done laying, they will have earned their keep until a natural death takes them. They still greet us, jump in our laps for a snuggle, keep the yard pretty darned free of bugs, provide much companionship and massive entertainment. I've learned a lot just by watching them and being amongst them, and that won't stop when the eggs slow down. Posting as anonymous 'cause I couldn't get anything else to work.