Saturday, July 20, 2013

Off to College

Well its official this Homesteading City Gal is off to college. I start at SPC on Aug 15th where I will be attending and getting my General Associates Degree with a transfer program to USF for a bachlors in Environmental Science and Policy.

I am very excited about this, as a young woman who dropped out of school, ran away from home, and got pregnant at age 17 I had many challenges to face and those all led me to where I am today. Renting a lovely modest house with my caring husband and wonderful daughter, Supplying my family with organic and sustainable food from our backyard, and now returning to school to pursue my future in something I love vs doing something I must do to pay the bills. I am incredibly grateful to have to loving support of so many who pushed me to get my GED, get my license and start bettering myself those years ago. If you had asked me even 1 year ago if I thought I would be going to college I would have said no. I had no time my life is so busy, and it still is but after much thought I realized if I ever wanted a better job, an easier life, and my farm I needed to pursue a higher education but I wasn't going to just do something I hated for the money.. No I needed to do something I loved or I would just end up hating school again like I did way back when.

I did many hours of research looking into possible jobs, which degrees I could take in the area, where the jobs were located, how much they paid, etc. I love degrees like sustainability, horticulture, biology but its much harder to find jobs with them and they require Masters Degrees or Higher. So I decided on becoming an environmental scientist. Science classes where the only class I ever enjoyed in school and if I had ditched the whole day I would never miss that class. Now science goes hand in hand with math which I am AWFUL at but I think with where I am in my life, and my new found desire to achieve this new goal math will be less awful. Maybe I was just bored. I always tested well in it even though I failed the classes. So now to begin a new chapter of my life...

Wife, Mother, Urban Homesteader, Full Time Worker, and College Student!


  1. Congratulations on your new journey! I will be "rooting" for you as you move toward your goal...SPC is a great school and you will be surprised how well you do with math in a different environment!