Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The day fast approches

Im getting nervous because its about that time, in just about 2 weeks I will be processing our first bunch of meat rabbits. I am very conflicted on this, i was raised in a time where rabbits were called bunnies and thought of as pets and snuggles buns not livestock as they have been for many a year. In my own quest from a vegetarian to someone who likes to enjoy her meat I have tried to stay away from industrial raised factory farmed meat as much as possible, raising my own meat was my next step.

I watched these rabbits grow from the first day they were born hairless and rat looking, to the cute little furry baby bunnies, and know to the stage where they are starting to look like mini sized grown rabbits. Within the last month I have distanced myself from them.. not allowing myself to become attached as I was there for a while. I knew this day would be coming and I am looking forward to it and dreading it. I am happy to be providing our family with sustenance that we were able to raise from day 1 ourselves. I know everything those bunnies ate, the kale I picked fresh for them daily and let them munch, the green hay, oats, pellets, weeds, etc, I know their parents, and mostly I know them.

As they steadily gain weight and become bigger the faster my day approaches. Not only do I have to kill these rabbit myself, then I have to process them. I am going to try and use every aspect of these animals as I can. This is including blood for the garden, meat for us, bones for the garden, and pelts tanned for us. Its a very weird feeling for me, to be looking forward to something so much and dreading it at the same time. Such is the lifestyle I chose and a step I feel I need to take.

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