Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My first garden outting in months

All say today at work all I could think about in my minutes of free time was getting my hands dirty in the garden. I wanted to plant, I wanted to watch those seeds grow but there was one BIG hurdle before I could plant... the summer neglect. As you know the past couple months I have been a no show around here and thats not because I gave up blogging oh no its because I had nothing to blog about. I let myself slip into this routine of going to work, and crashing on the couch with the AC blasting in the house. Today was my first break of the habit and my goodness it felt good.

The rain had cooled us down to under 90 degrees and put up a nice grey layer between myself and the glaring sun so I got off work, picked up my daughter and ventured outside. It was worse then I knew. Weeds with deep roots were everywhere. First thing I did was start yanking off the vining weeds that were choking out my trees and rosemary. Next I pulled weeds along the bank of the pond allowing you to actually see where the ground stopped and the water began. Next I pulled out as many weeds as I could turning over the soil and then covering with thin cardboard from work. On top of that I pulled out pond plants that had covered the ENTIRE surface of the water and stacked them on top until you couldnt see the board underneath, this will quickly rot a create a compost layer. For the topper I have a bag of leaves waiting to be added.. then in a couple of weeks PLANT. I spent at least 1.5 hours working on a 4x8 bed... now only the rest of the yard to do..... 0_0

Above is Brooke who wanted to show off our hard work and her favorite hen Tiny. They are so cute!

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