Monday, September 30, 2013

Making Halloween (Rainbow Dash Costume)

Halloween is coming faster then we know so it was time to get working on the costumes! Brooke's costume this year is Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. None of the costumes in the store were cute at all, so this year I decided to make one. Yikes!

So I started scouting, how to design it, how to make it, how to even begin. A quick drive to Michael's and long walks down all the aisles to find the perfect items to create this costume took up a good chunk of my day but with the idea in my head to keep this cheap I finally found it. FELT! Each piece of felt was 29 cents the mane and tail was one color each. I used light blue felt for the ears and wings.
Rainbow Dash Tail

This is the back on the mane.
Front of mane (and ears)
I used a set of 99 cent wings then glued on cut felt, then covered in blue loose feathers. After gluing all the feathers down I set it to dry overnight.
Rainbow Dash Pegasus wings.

A trip to the thrift store provided us with light blue colored clothes for $4

Side View (need to add feathers to other side of wings)
Back View
Front vew and a happy baby!!

Once her cutie mark patch comes in the mail it will be added to her pants to finish out the costume.

Total Cost:
Clothes: $4
Patch: $8
Misc Materials: $13
Final: $25


  1. That costume is adorable!! How did you make the mane so it would stay on her head?

    I am envious that you were able to find light blue clothes!! I have been looking everywhere since early September and have found nothing in my area. :o(

    1. the ears are on a headband and i attached the mane to it. the mid part of the mane is clipped into her hair (will be clipped into her ponytail) :) Thanks so much!!!