Friday, January 3, 2014

Lost Time.

Here I am after so much time away. Back to banging away on my keyboard. Much has happened that stole away my attention though mostly it was completing my first semester in college and learning how to balance time proficiently. I hope to be back here more regularly as I start to fix up my little city homestead. The house these past couple months has gone from storing old junk to being purged and with shelves hung more space to display my many passions. Christmas has come and gone and my little Brooke was spoiled. This was the very first year that everything mattered to her. The decorations had to be just so, cookies had to be baked, stories read, and of course the lookout for the elusive Santa began. We tracked Santa's ride using Google earth all day Christmas with her popping in every 10 minutes asking where he was then. I loved it, it brought back that Christmas spirit I had thought I lost.

At this current moment in time I am awaiting the arrival of someone off Craigslist that will be giving 3 of our hens a new home. One thing this time in school has thought me was that I needed to lessen my load. So instead of 5 hens we will have 2, instead of 8 bunnies we have 4. The garden beds in the front yard have started being taken apart and moved to the back. It was to much work to keep up with both the back and front so I will plant trees and bushes in the front that require minimal work. The backyard has become a jungle weeds took over and with learning to juggle everything else I couldn't afford the time it needed. My husband and I will now start the journey to clean up, organize and revitalize the gardens and yard. Moving the chickens and rabbits around have created wonderful bare spots of highly fertilized ground that we will use for gardens. The back porch has been reclaimed for human use, bags of trash hauled to the curb, misc "trash" I wanted to re-purpose sadly passed on as I knew I would not have the time. The final result was amazing. A table and chairs ready for lunches, a hammock ready to be laid and read in, a swept floor that didn't send up a cloud of dust when stepped on. Perfection.

So slowly but surely my life is returning to normal. In just 10 days I will be starting my second semester of college where I will be taking writing, spanish, and algebra. Maybe a future post or two will be in spanish and need translation who knows? Anyways friends. I'm BACK!

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