Friday, February 28, 2014

Children Lessons: Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Today Brooke and I had a mommy daughter date night. We went to a food truck rally at MOSI which is the Museum of Science and Industry. After feasting upon delicious food and playing on the playground we decided it was time to leave, as you are walking out they make you walk out through the gift shop. We have done this before but this time we stopped to browse a little a she finished up her mini donuts. There was a large container of polished gems that caught Brooke's eye; she really really wanted these. Next to those polished gems was a bunch of "ugly" rocks that Brooke wanted no part of. I decided to use this as a chance to teach her a life lesson, and I bought her the "ugly" rock. On the 10 minute drive home we talked back and forth about judging a book by its cover, and why she didn't want this rock but loved the others so much. Simply put the others were pretty and shiny and this sad rock was ugly. I explained to her why we must never judge a person or anything for that matter by its outside appearance as it is what is on the inside that counts. She pondered this until we reached home where I had her fetch me a hammer. We wrapped her little rock in a cheap towel took it to the porch and under the light I hit it. It broke into 3 pieces and I gathered them up in my hands and dropped them into Brooke's. She gasped as the light hit the pieces and she saw the little crystals inside. We went inside and she sat by the light moving the pieces back and forth and talking non stop about how beautiful it was. Maybe now she has a slightly better understanding now of how what matters is on the inside. Thank you little geode for helping me teach my daughter a life lesson.

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