Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sewing Projects.

Since breaking out the sewing machine a couple weeks back I have been coming up more and more projects that I want to create. Right now though my main focus is a Black Mage cosplay costume for my dear friends husband. I am super excited about this challenge because it allows me to try new things like sleeves. I officially HATE cutting sleeves, I am sure I will hate sewing sleeves even more when that time comes though.

Current list of sewing projects:

Curtains for Brooke's room: She has already picked out and we purchased her fabric; its a lovely flower pattern in pink with glitter on it. We are going to do half window covers (also known as cafe curtains) to let more light in since our house is lacking natural light.
Curtains for the kitchen and living room: Once again we are doing cafe curtains in these windows since there is only 1 small window each and I like the sun but also like the privacy. We have not yet decided on a fabric for this yet.
Black Mage: Currently working on this as its a paid project and I am really excited about it. Sleeves have been designed and cut and soon I will being working the body and popped collar.

This is the black mage from Final Fantasy whose blue robe I am designing. 

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