Monday, March 10, 2014

To Do List Item: Create a New Fire Pit Area

Since we no longer wanted the simple hole in the ground as our firepit I found a simple and cheap alternative; Cinder-blocks. We had tons of the littered around our yard that through our cleaning were stacked in a neat pile ready to bed used. So i built garden bed after garden bed out of them, but what do you do when you have no more room for gardens? Find another use and a firepit was perfect.

Here is our before shot of the area:
(Warning: It looks like crap, dont harm your eyes)
I went and leveled out the ground adding crap dirt that we emptied out of other things. I then removed all the torn up cardboard boxes and pavers around the pit. I raked out all the branches that were still in pit and moved them to the side. I then laid out new cardboard as a weed block, and gathered up my cinder blocks. I made a circle and set the blocks around it then best i could. I then used the pine bark my husband had got for me as a mulch on top of the cardboard ( I ran out of mulch and need more). I also built a small bench/ chair out of the remaining cinder blocks for people to sit on; I will add 2 more benches.

Here is the after, no need to avert your eyes its much better!
Brooke is testing out the new bench with her rabbit Nibbler. 

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  1. That looks really good. I like how you used the cinder blocks. Do you plan on doing anything else with it? Planting or adding anything else to the area?