Top Seed Companies

Ah yes getting the perfect seeds is the most important part of gardening... this is where you choose what type of plant to grow, what colors and traits you want it to have, and how fast till harvest! Plus there just seems to be more and more seed sellers popping up as the boom of gardening increases but more then half are no good due to their poor service, long shipping times, or poor germination rates!

Here is the top rated from me and other gardeners.. so you know that your buying good seed!!

Victory Seeds ~~ Top 5 rated for heirloom seeds (No Print Catalog)

Territorial Seed ~~ a favorite of many

Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds ~~ MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SEED COMPANY!! SUPER FAST FRIENDLY SHIPPING.. plus sometimes a free seed packet and also a hand signed thank you note!

Garden Harvest ~~ Garden Goodies

Trade Winds Fruits ~~ Tropical and unusual tree seeds

PineTree Seeds ~~ Cheap good quality seeds with many different types

Johnny Seeds ~~ A top rated seed source that i have not yet used but have a fabulous $1 seed pack sale page

Sustainable Seed Co... have the largest selection of southern onions (short day type) that I have found so far!

Florida Wild Flowers

Southern Exposure Seeds.. A lovely website that has many seeds to offer including some I am excited about like cotton, and peanuts!!!

More to come as I find them...