Saturday, March 26, 2011


So in the middle of last week we were relaxing on the porch before work.. The fiance looked in the coop and there in the middle of a self made nest (straw pushed aside in the coop) was a small blue egg. We rushed outside and I crawled in.. it was so cute and small and BLUE!

Since that first day we have been getting a egg a day : )

The amercauna is the one who lays "easter eggs" the other two will lay brown eggs but have not started yet.

As of yesterday they were 22 weeks old so we are thinking the other two will start laying anyday now.

We are so excited and I will be cooking the eggs for breakfast in the morning : )
Woooo Hoooo!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Countdown to E day!

Ah yes E Day the thing I have been looking forward to for the last 6 months : )

E day is Egg day.

My chickens have now reached 20 weeks old... woo hoo. This is fantastic news as most chickens start laying around 22 to 23 weeks : )

I have screwed in their nest box added straw.. and stuck one is just for kicks... she fit but seemed a little tight hope that's not a problem ( I'm using a milk crate)

I cannot wait till E Day as this is the reason we have chickens : )


So actually last weekend while herding the chickens in for the night I stopped to check my dwindling garden. The only thing left are onions and carrots. The onions won't be harvested till around august but I stopped to check on the carrots. The green growth looked wonderful so I dug my finger around the base to find out how big the carrot was... nothing! I was shocked what had I done wrong.. I wrapped the greens around my hand wiggled and pulled.. out popped a 10 inch thick beautiful orange carrot that was amazing thick. So I ran inside grabbed my harvest basket and brought my daughter out to help.
The smallest ones were the result of poor thining early on so those got tossed in the coop with the chickens the others were beautiful I had planted 2 types a long type and a short thick type.. they both did very well. Almost all but the 2nd planting (which occured a month later) were pulled up resulting in a overfull basket, my neighbors were outside and I gave them a handful, in return they gave me a baby mango tree which they said in 3 to 4 years will produce wonderful mangos : ) what a trade!
Brooke insisted that I wash off the carrots so she could dive in and eat them all up right away. I washed them all and gave her 3 large ones.. they were gone within minutes. The rest have been de greened chopped up and stored in the freezer to cook with.. yummmm!

Slacking off..

Sorry for the slack lately I've been busy and sadly not in the garden. Between trying to find out all the things I need to do to plan my own wedding on a tight budget and juggling my new job I've been having trouble finding time to do anything else!
I will try to post more often so keep a eye out : )

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Neighbors...

My backyard borders 3 houses.. House 1 has a wood privacy fence... house 2 has no fence but is installing one.. house 3 (the back) have no fence and have a huge mean dog. Ok so no fence and backyard is bad news so you think. Luckily I have a 4 ft chain link fence but here's the problem. The big mean dog loves to bark and growl at the fence when my family is in our yard.. I put up some of that reed fencing as a temp fix but less then a year later its already falling about..

The fix? I stopped at home depot today to see if there wood was on sale (no luck) instead I walked out with four 18 gallon blue buckets that have rope handles. I will drill holes about 3 inchs up from the bottom and stick these along the back fence. I plan to fill them with good soil and compost. To plant in them I have plants that will grow to be pretty large.

4 - 18 gallon totes with 4 plants:

1. Oleander
2. Sea Grape
3. Hibuscus
4. Azeala

Not only will these look beautiful they should grow to hide back fence (and dog)