Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Name?

Here I am trying to make a new name for myself something that sums up all I do.
We were Gardening Adventures but we write about so much more!!
I try to homestead and I'm a city girl so now we have a new name!!! :)

Hope you like it and continue to follow me!!

What to Plant in Zone 9: March

Plant seeds of:
Beans: Bush, Pole, and Lima
Sweet Corn
English Peas
Sweet Potatoes

Plant starts of:
Green onions and Shallots
English Peas

To Do:
* Mound up soil around potato stems to protect tubers from sun damage.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rabbit weigh in: 16 weeks

Foo Foo is looking good and getting big!
Her current weigh in is: 5.75 lbs
This means since her last weigh in about a month ago when she weighed in at 4.36 pounds she has gained 1.39 pounds. That is a little over a quarter pound a week. This is a slight decrease of her previous weight gain of about 1.5 pounds a month but still VERY close.

Blaze has shed out his white and now sports a black nose and ears. He is the sweetest of the bunch not minding being held, squeezed, or chased around.
His current weigh in is: 6.08 lbs

The rabbits get 1 cup of food a day every morning, plus timothy hay 3-4 times a week, and treats from the garden, they seem to LOVE broccoli! They are also both shedding like crazy!

Pick Your Poison Jams

Here at Sunny Spot Gardens we have created a new line of jams. Its called Pick Your Poison- These are alcohol infused fruit jams. Right now I have created 4 flavors, all of my own mind and recipes!

~ Paralyzing Peach $6.50: Fresh tree ripened peaches infused with peach flavored brandy. Amazing light color with peach flecks throughout. Perfect paring with cheese and crackers, or over ice cream. Swirl with cream cheese to make an unforgettable appetizer!

~ Rum Plum $7.50: Fresh tree ripened plums, infused with spiced rum. Amazing dark jam made with natural forming pectin. Great for slathering over fresh bread for a morning treat, adding to dinner dishes to make them pop, or pared with cheese.

~ Chocolate Covered Strawberry $6.50: Local just picked strawberries infused with chocolate liqueur and hints of cocoa. Perfect for an after dinner treat, on top of ice cream, or even just a sweet start to the morning.

~ Strawberry ChocoMint $6.50: Local just picked strawberries infused with chocolate liqueur and hints of chocolate mint (from the Sunny Spot Garden). The mint really livens of the strawberry flavor. Perfect for an after dinner treat, on top of ice cream, or even just a sweet start to the morning.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pictures around Sunny Spot Gardens: 2-16-2013

Lemon Blossoms (the best smell ever)
Our garden bed out front
Bunching Onions
Jasmine Flowers
Arugula going to seed
Primrose Flowers
Thing 2 in the nest box
Eating an overripe papaya
Tomatoes, right before they went in my mouth
Potato plants emerging
Ancho Pepper

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hoppy Valentines Day!!

Mines starting with a much needed GREAT sleep, and breakfast in bed. Then its off to the garden!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just when I had forgotten what it was...

RAIN!!! Sweet glorious rain!!! If i wasn't working with 4 hours of in and out sleep I would have rain outside and danced in it, then jumped in the puddles. I LOVE RAIN. The way the light reflects in each drop, the way it splashes on the leaves of the plants, they way that the plant just seem SO much greener and happier the next day. Yes it was something that has been very missed this Winter but very welcome now.

Now that it is supposed to continue to rain on and off overnight I cannot wait to see the gardens in the morning. <3

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Those darn chickens

My yard looks like hell and let me tell you why. 5 little chickens got out for the day and let me tell you they love to scratch in the dirt, and when i say scratch in the dirt i mean dig holes. They dig little holes about 6 inches deep or more all through my walkways, and garden beds. So yes my yard now looks like a dog was there who lost its bone. UGH

First and foremost we are making the chicken area smaller and more secure until we can get their new coop and run built which will be within the next couple months. After they are secure and are no longer escaping we will smooth out the ground and fix up the gardens for spring planting. *sigh*

Darn Chickens....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013